OOTD || Blanket Scarf

mini-graphics-arrows-799246 Blanket Scarf (Aliexpress)  mini-graphics-arrows-799246 Circle Skirt (Forever21)
mini-graphics-arrows-799246 Sweater Crop Top (Forver21) mini-graphics-arrows-799246 Rose Cat Ears (Forever21)

I made a big order from Aliexpress a bit ago, and this scarf was the first thing to arrive! I absolutely love it and the quality is great. I really adore shopping through Aliexpress because It’s so cheap! Things can be hit and miss though, but I always make sure to check the reviews of each product I’m going to buy (many times there are picture reviews too). Plus it’s asian sizing, for the most part. Since I’m small and short this works out for me.

Although It definitely has been chilly lately, Florida doesn’t really get insanely cold. Because of that I’m able to wear skirts and dresses year round.

My heels are from Cinderella of Boston by the way! I have small feet (3 in heels, 1 in kids) so finding heels can be a pain in the butt and very expensive. I’m glad this store exists, it’s also been featured on the show Little Women of LA, I’m happy that they are getting noticed.

Thank you for stopping by for my first OOTD post on the blog!



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