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Today (with the help of my husband) I finished putting together and decorating my desk area. It gave me the idea to make this tag in hopes of seeing other bloggers creative space. This area is a home inside your home! A place you can let your brain run wild and get your creative juices flowing to put out more of your own content. So let me give you a run down of how I’ve decided to put my things together! & let you know how else I’m planning to make it more my own.


This is an over view of my little area, It’s nestled on the side of our bedroom. I made sure to make use of the ample window space.. It’s a really great view and puts me in a good mood. Plus the lighting here is the best in the entire apartment, so it’s great for taking pictures of products and even broadcasting.


On the right side of my desk I have a jar labeled “dairy” with artificial flowers in it, I got the supplies at Michael’s and put them together. I absolutely love the flowers they are a perfect shade of pink, white, and cream with small pine cones nestled in between. Next to it I have a small makeup organizer (from Home Goods) where I’ve placed the products I found the most visually pleasing and that I also tend to gravitate towards the most lately. To the farther side I have my makeup brushes placed in a white container that I surprisingly got from the Dollar Tree. In front I have my Too Faced palettes stacked on top of each other and my Molang key-chain I acquired from a cute store in Flushing, NY. Last but not least my Korilakkuma & Kiiroitori Nanoblock!! Which I was not able to put together and Jean (my husand) had to do it haha.



To the left I have a two sided mirror that I don’t quite remember where I got but it was probably Home Goods haha. Around it is a light pink & gold double choker from Forever21. Although I love candles I don’t want one on my desk and I can’t see myself burning one that close to me either so I opted for a pretty diffuser (Home Goods). This one smells like Peony Blossoms which I adore. It gives a light smell that isn’t over powering and lasts for a long time too.



My computer is smack dab right in the middle! One of the (if not THE MOST) important tool for my blogging, Aside from my camera of course haha. I change the background seasonally and right now I have Molang making a snowlang hahahaha ok let me stop! I hope one day to have a white apple desktop but for now this gets the job down!


This desk has one drawer that I have placed a few random things in. Pastel pens, Sharpies, Scissors. Cat stickers that I received from a previous Depop Trade, a letter from my sister in law in Korea inside a cute Moomin Envelope, some sticky notes, and a brand new Korean thank you note that I was sent from a pen-pal years ago but haven’t had the opportunity to use yet.


I also have some heart and star shaped sticky notes that I mainly used for my AfreecaTV broadcasts. My Logitech C920 webcam that is also what I use for my broadcasts and some clip on lapel microphones.


To the left of my desk I have a 10-tier cart that I use to organize the rest of my makeup and products. I was able to get it on sale at a Michael’s near me that was closing down. Originally almost 90$, I snagged it for around $40!




The top of the cart has space on the top that I use for a few more random things. I have my pink Rilakkuma case from Amazon. Next to that from top to bottom are some books (a tale for the time being, afreecatv 2016 planner, korean for beginners workbook). My cute cat cup from Home Goods (Can you tell I love it there haha). My absolutely favorite fragrance & hair mist (Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf). & some other goodies!


My computer chair is super comfy and was one of the first things I actually got (Amazon). I usually have my AfreecaTV plush as a back pillow.


Below I have a furry rug (Home Goods..or maybe Target?) that my cat Bori loves to mess with and lay on. I usually leave my bear slippers under there as well (Forever 21).


Some things that I’m hoping to add to my space in the future are a Rilakkuma mouse pad, a small cat related jewelry plate, a tassel garland at the top of my window, I also need to add small fairy lights inside the dairy jar (I have some, I need to find them)..that’s all I can think of really for now. But we’ll see what happens! tumblr_lurs4uuxdp1qcfn0j

When I’m blogging I usually have some background music, free of words because there’s already a monologue going through my head haha. Lately I have been Listening to KPOP Piano Covers.

If you decide to join in on this tag.. let me know!! I really want to see what your work space is like!



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