Sephora Play! December 2016


The Partygoers || Sephora Play! December 2016

throw yourself a pretty party

I am so so so so (so?) excited!! to bring you this unboxing today! tumblr_inline_o6izgkcgic1rhh3cu_500 I absolutely adore Sephora Play compared to other beauty subscriptions like Ipsy/Birchbox. I like that I know all the brands that come through my door and that they are high end as well. Plus the fact that you get 50 extra Beauty Insider points per bag is awesome! I’ve been subscribed for a few months now but this month has been my favorite so far. I love every single product and brand in this bag.. and the bag! The bag itself is gorgeous this month. Normally it comes in white but this time around it’s a sleek black with gold writing. Definitely going to save it this time around. tumblr_inline_o6izgnkxlb1rhh3cu_500


Nirvana Bourban || Elizabeth and James

next-level nirvana

This months perfume pick is an intoxicating blend of vanilla bourbon and spice wood with a delicate floral note. Not something I would normally wear. I tend to go towards smells that resemble, Chloe | Flower Bomb | Mon Paris. It does have a nice, warm smell though.. I’m thinking of wearing it to my office dinner party tomorrow night since I’ll be wearing a boho-ish outfit.


All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray || Urban Decay

all in a spray’s work

I’ll be honest, I don’t use a lot of products from Urban Decay but this is my jam! This has saved my face many a times. It’s the best setting spray that I have tried as of yet and will continue to be in my holy grail for years to come I’m sure. I still have a bottle that I’m using but I’m very happy I have a mini for on-the-go.


Detox Dry Shampoo || DRYBAR

go the extra style

I’ve been needing dry shampoo so bad! This was a blessing to have in the bag haha. I’ve been super lazy and haven’t gone out to buy any. I do have the B&B Pret-i-powder or however you spell it but I don’t recommend it. My go to and number 1 is Perfect Hair Day from Living Proof.. but this is a close second! Also love how small and compact this sample of it is. I use dry shampoo a lot though so I doubt this baby will last very long.



Smokey Eye Mascara || Bobbi Brown

let the good times kohl

I’m usually very hesitant to mascara’s that advertise themselves as smokey but I’m still happy to try it out. I haven’t tried many Bobbi Brown products which is a shame because the brand looks wonderful!



Step 1 Smoothing Primer || Makeup Forever

the prime is right

Makeup Forever was one of my first high end brands and continues to hold a special place in my heart. Glad to be able to try out this primer since I’m looking for a new one once my MAC Radiant Pink Primer runs out.. which will be soon.



Cream Lip Stain [always red] || Sephora Collection

red between the lines

I usually wear moisturizing lipsticks like IOPE Waterfit or YSL and also lip tints.. I usually steer clear of creams regardless of how much their staining power is hyped. I’m excited to try it out though and see how well it does through dinner!

– – –

What did you get in your bag this month? If there are any products in this post you want me to do a more extensive review on let me know!



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