Sephora || $39


The first product in this Sephora x TCFC holiday curated set is the Egg Mousse Soap! It reminds me of a men’s shaving cream but without the manly smell haha. I don’t think this is great at removing makeup or anything but if used as the foaming cleanser in your korean skin care routine this will be wonderful. This would be used after your oil based cleanser, which will do the job of removing the majority of your makeup.


Smartly paired with the pore cleansing brush this foaming cleanser will make your face feel soft and clean without the dried out feeling that we all know too well. TIP: Be gentle when you apply pressure to get the product out. Since it comes out as a foam too much pressure will end up giving you a handful of foam that you don’t need.


I absolutely adore this moisturizer! I got a weeks worth of samples from #THE3BBOX when I used to be subscribed to it and I fell in love. It’s hard to describe the scent, it doesn’t smell like egg per say but it does have it’s distinctive scent. I personally like it, but you’ll have to try it to make that judgement for yourself. The smell lingers unless you’re applying makeup and all that jazz after. TIP: A little really does go a long way with this one. A little background on my skin (Oily/Combination). I’ve heard of people complaining of this being too oily but I disagree! If you are like me, pump a very small amount, that’s all you need! If you have dry or mature skin pump more. It’s never a one size fits all amount.


Last but not least the set comes with the ever so popular Egg Cream Mask, just holding it in your hand you can feel the thickness and weight compared to other masks. I’m happy to add this one into my mask arsenal for those pick-me-up days.


Egg is a staple in Korean skin care. Egg whites control excessive sebum and oil, and egg yolk nourishes the skin. Egg extracts also help transform rough and dull skin into a smooth and radiant complexion. These products are cruelty-free and hypoallergenic.

I think this is a versatile set. Useful for people who are just getting into korean skincare and for those that already have a full routine. Especially for those that don’t have a lot of time in the morning to dab on 10 different products.


I think this set is great and convenient, even at the price tag. But if you don’t mind shipping time you could get a better deal with the full size products by searching through Ebay. For example The Egg Mousse Soap is sold at Sephora for $20 but can be easily accessible on Ebay for around $14.



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